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How to plan an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party

To ensure that the New Year’s Eve party is an unforgettable event, it is important to prepare well. Whether you celebrate New Year’s Eve as a couple, as a small family, or with friends – you need to get all the details right, from the food to the decorations To make sure that the party preparation between the Christmas holidays and New Year goes well, we have gathered the most important points for New Year’s Eve party planning and, on top of that, we provide some New Year’s Eve party ideas as well as inspirations for New Year’s Eve theme parties.

Organizing a New Year’s Eve party: Tips and checklists for New Year’s Eve party planning

To ensure that the period between Christmas and New Year is not too stressful, it is a good idea to start planning the New Year’s Eve party in good time. Our checklist ‘Planning a New Year’s Eve party’ summarizes the most important steps to ensure that everything is ready for the big night:

New Year’s Eve party planning: approx. 1 month in advance

  • Send out invitations in good time and ask questions if necessary: Which song should be played? Which drinks should we offer? Do any guests have food intolerances?

  • Decide on the party location that is big enough for all the guests (e.g. living room, party cellar).

  • Decide on how the party will be catered: Will you do all the catering, will there be a catering service, or will the guests contribute something?

  • Give people plenty of notice if it’s a New Year’s Eve theme party.

  • Get your own party outfit.



    Bear in mind that…

    If you want to organise a larger New Year’s Eve party, e.g. for your club, there is of course more to consider. You should start planning the party two to three months in advance to book a suitable location, take care of the catering, and organize any entertainment if necessary.